Welcome to Steintal Hof! We strive to breed quality Nubian dairy goats, and make goat milk bath and body products that knock your socks off!

*** Our bath & body product line is currently on hold. We’ve recently moved and have to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s with our insurance agent. Thanks for understanding!***

Who are we?

Steintal Hof is owned by Liza and Luke Mummert. We married in 2017 and welcomed our oldest daughter, Lorelei, in 2019 and our youngest daughter, Cora, in 2021. All fourof us thoroughly enjoy the goats! Liza sells the goat milk soap she makes by hand and Luke helps care for our lovely goat herd. Our daughters are involved in anything they can get their hands in! We’re blessed to enjoy the goats as a family activity.

What does Steintal Hof Mean?

Nestled in the small town of Glen Rock it seems as if every single place in Glen Rock is named Glen-something, Rock-something, or Valley-something.

We wanted something that honored our rich Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, but also fit the area with a little creativity.

With some help from my husband’s German friend, Steintal Hof was born. Steintal Hof means Stoney Valley Farm in German. Maybe we weren’t so creative after all but we love it!


Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!