Foxwood LL Takoda

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

LA 8/20/23 – GVG84 (2 yr old)

Takoda’s Dam: LIL MILL CRK TYEE LOMASI – N001789493 (PB Doe CH) DOB: 4/12/2016 FS90 (VEVE) @ 05-01

Sire’s Dam: LIL MILL CRK TYEE LORE – N001728089 (PB Doe GCH) DOB: 4/14/2015 FS91 (EEEE) @ 06-01

Takoda’s Littermate Sister: FOXWOOD LL LILA

FiddleFaddle A Boy Named Sue


LA 8/20/23 – GGA81 (yearling)

Breeding outside the herd:

Bucks are available for driveway breeding’s on a case by case basis. Does must have recent CAE and Johnes testing and be negative. Does also must be free of external parasites, abscesses, sores, and/or abnormal nasal discharge. We have the right to deny breeding upon arrival if the doe does not meet our expectations or criteria.

Breeding Fees: $30-$50, payment due upon delivery of kids