Herd Management

General Herd Management FAQs:

Our herd is maintained on a mixture of browse, mixed grass hay, and alfalfa. We breed to maintain a reasonable amount of willingness to milk on mixed grass hay rather than trying to maintain a sole supply of alfalfa hay. We also supplement forage with a 16% Goat Ration from our local feed mill. Loose minerals are also provided herd wide.

Our herd’s feet are trimmed approximately every 8 weeks depending on individuals needs.

We vaccinate yearly with CDT.

We do not deworm without performing fecal flotations. The basis for worming and for choosing which wormers are appropriate are based on fecal flotation findings. Kids are raised with the the addition of the Calf Pro supplement added to their milk daily.

Once a year we test for CAE and Johnes, we do not test for CL as it is not a conclusive blood test. We DO NOT have abscesses in our herd. We are not a closed herd and do show throughout the show season. If you’re purchasing a goat from our herd and would like additional testing we are more than happy to do so at the expense of the buyer.

Our does are bred in hand. Our bucks and does are housed separately from each other.