Hollow of His Hand Rosalie

LA – 8/20/23: DRY Code 99 VGE_ (no final score)

Rosalie 2nd Freshening 3 year old

Lynnhaven Somewhere In Time

LA 8/20/23 – VVGA83

Lynnhaven Somewhere In Time – Fall 2020

Steintal Hof Adiland

LA 8/20/23 – VVVV86

1x RGCH (3-4 y/o milker) under Peter Snyder at The Great Frederick Fair 9/23/23

Steintal Hof WlknAftrMidnght

Pedigree Print (

1 x Jr. GCH under Grace Toy at MDGA Show 6/2022

Pictured at approximately 4 months – late at night – done cooperating for photos 22′

Steintal Hof Strawberry Wine

Pedigree Print (

Pictured at 10 weeks old 22′

Steintal Hof Write This Down

1 x Jr GCH under Danielle Carolei 6/24/23

Steintal Hof Love Bug

Steintal Hof Check Yes or No

Steintal Hof Girls Lie Too

1 x Jr RGCH under Cameron Jodlowski 6/24/23