Breeding Plans

DamSireDue Date
Hollow of His Hand RosalieFoxwood LL Takoda/ Lynnhaven NM Winter BluesDecember
Lynnhaven Somewhere In TimeFoxwood LL TakodaMarch
Steintal Hof AdilandFoxwood LL TakodaMarch
Steintal Hof Mocha Me SmileFoxwood LL TakodaNovember
Steintal Hof One Chance FancyFoxwood LL TakodaMarch
Steintal Hof WalknAftrMdnghtFoxwood LL Takoda/FiddleFaddle A Boy Named SueMarch

Hollow of His Hand Rosalie


Rosalie 2nd Freshening 3 year old

Lynnhaven Somewhere In Time


Lynnhaven Somewhere In Time – Fall 2020

Steintal Hof Adiland


Steintal Hof Mocha Me Smile

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

Steintal Hof One Chance Fancy

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

Pictured at approx. 7 months 21′

Steintal Hof WlknAftrMidnght

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

Pictured at approximately 4 months – late at night – done cooperating for photos 22′

Steintal Hof Strawberry Wine

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

Pictured at 10 weeks old 22′

Foxwood LL Takoda

Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org)

Pictured as a yearling 22′

Reference Animals

Lynnhaven NM Winter Blues


Hollow of His Hand Scarlet